Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The spinmeisters will attack anything and anybody that publishes inconvenient truths, especially if it has any perceived effect on their privileged position, economic welfare and status.  To hear the corporate spinmeisters tell it, science and scientists are part of a greedy lie fest where climate change is concerned.

Al Gore made this graphically plain in his latest rebuttal, which you can read about and listen to here:

The very idea that scientists as a whole would propound false information and statistics to enrich themselves is preposterous, but the charge is constantly being made by those with a vested interest in the status quo. 

As Al points out, scientists aren't rich individuals.  Most of them can live comfortably but they are not able to hire expensive lobbyists to "spin" their self-serving (and supposedly falsified) views.  That role falls to the corporate tycoons who have a very real vested interest in things staying just as they are -- and have oodles and boodles of cash lying around.  Scientists have to be content with occasionally getting an article published in some peer reviewed and criticized journal few will ever see or even hear about outside the scientific community.  Their sharpest critics will be their fellow scientists who will be looking for any inconsistency or skewed fact and ready to pounce on it if they find it.

If I'm going to believe anything, it will be those carefully studied, researched, documented and peer reviewed pronouncements -- not some spinmeistered denial by a pseudoscientist in the pay of and beholden to the corporate establishment.

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