Friday, August 5, 2011


The reason why the US is in economic trouble was made clear by an article I just read:

This article reveals the fact that more than 1,400 certified millionaires (that's people who make -- I refuse to say "earned" -- more than one million dollars) paid no income tax at all in 2009.  Many of those millionaires sat in a plush chair before a computer screen and used any number of devious schemes to move fiat money around, contributing absolutely nothing tangible to the national welfare and producing the economic crisis they then contrived to be bailed out of to the tune of multiple billions that were added to the national debt. 

Nice "job" if you can contrive to get it.

For several decades now, those at the economic apex have been lobbying to make this grossly imbalanced and unfair scenario a reality.  Meanwhile, the rest of us have been picking up their share of the tax burden.  They have a headlock on the economy and things can only get worse. 

How long will the average American be hoodwinked into accepting and voting for this farce.  Just as long as they are stupid enough to fall for the BS being shoveled their way by the Rethugs and the "Tea Party."

The stupidity of the average American seems to know no bounds.

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