Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I'm somewhat of a science fiction buff. I watch reruns of Star Trek and love Star Wars episodes.

I know much of the "science" is unrealistic and probably far from what could be reality. Nevertheless, there are great truths and principles to be found in much of the fantasy, and we humans need to dream of what maybe could be so we can perhaps discover or attain it. (After all, high tail finned cars of the 50s were designed by people who had been Batman followers in their youth.) It can also open our eyes to things which we need to be on guard against.

This is especially true of the "dark side" espoused by Star Wars.

I have lived long enough and experienced life thoroughly enough to know there is a definite dark side to this world. There really are plotters and power mad schemers like the "emperor." I see their scheming faces and hear their deceptive lies every day on my TV. They are dead set on deceiving and enslaving me -- AND YOU!

Some of them have no idea what they are up to. That's the character of deception. They are totally convinced that they are the good guys or gals and what they are up to is for the ultimate good of all. Their minds are so warped by religious and cultural lies and certainties that they feel totally justified in plotting to take away our freedoms under the guise of defending them and destroy what equality might now exist.

Make no mistake. There is real power in the dark side -- especially when it masquerades as the light. When that masquerade is based on a concocted god and a fictional, made-up book of myths that people fanatically cling to in spite of all evidence to the contrary, which god and book has extensive swaths of the nation under blind, fanatical deception, the situation gets grave rather quickly.

We have our own Taliban to worry about!

I spent years caught up in a religion which basically operated on the principle that the "truth" was what it told you was the truth. (All religions I'm familiar with have basically that same approach.)

The founder of that religion even stated publicly that democracy was not god's form of government and would not exist in the kingdom of god. He was convinced (or at least claimed to be convinced) that he was going to be a big wheel in that kingdom and promised us we would also. In my youthful ignorance and naivete, I fell for it -- for a while. Mormons fall for the nonsense that they are going to be gods with their own proprietary planet to rule over. Oy Vay! If that were true, there would be hells throughout the universe!

That experience has made me very suspicious of dogmatic pronouncements by anyone. I no longer assume someone's motives are good just because they claim they are. The quickest way to make me immediately distrustful is for someone to say, "Trust me."

No, thank you! Before I trust, I'm going to verify.

And, since I've already verified that gods are a figment of human imagination and ignorant superstition and the Bible is a fictitious travesty, don't even contemplate wasting your time and breath (or keyboard) trying to proseletize and argue with me. If you're a prisoner of that dark side, kindly pass me by with a wide margin to spare and go enjoy your dark slavery. Some people do seem to love being slaves and second class to those who are confident they are their superiors.

It's almost time for the evening news. I'm steeling myself to hear more dark side BS from the likes of Boehner, Santorum, Gingrich, Romney, etc., etc.

Oh, barf!

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