Sunday, January 22, 2012


It will be a long time, if ever again, that the likes of Christopher Hitchens will come along.

There are many of us who think the same way and can come up with some real zingers while we sit in front of the keyboard with plenty of time to think. But, when it comes to instant recall and sharpness of memory required in debate, we all, as far as I can see, fall short of Hitch. Nobody could stymie him and leave him speachless or hemming and hawing while he searched for the right answer. It was a hair trigger thing with him.

The only one I can think of who comes close is P. Z. Myers and his constant flood of information and deep thought on Pharyngula. Greta Christina does well also. I haven't heard either of them in debate. They might do just as well or close. One can only hope.

We have lost a great voice, and I for one, feel the loss deeply. At least, through marvelous modern technology, his voice and writings live on. Death has not silenced this exceptional voice of reason and clarity of thought.

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  1. A huge "AMEN!" to this post, Al. The world needs more of this kind of thinking and clarity.