Sunday, January 15, 2012


Yes, I am an atheist.  I do not recognize the existence of a god or any higher power.  In that, I am in the good company of patriots like Thomas Paine and many of the other rationalist founders of this country who were sons of the Enlightenment.

But, I am more than just a quiet, rather passive non-believer.  I have found most atheists fall into that category and never forcefully "come out" to family or the world at large.  Often there are good and practical reasons to be reticent about doing so.  I was in that category for a short -- very short -- time.  Then, I decided that approach was not for me.  It was "Full speed ahead!  Damn the torpedoes!"

I became, and intend to remain, a dedicated ANTI-THEIST!

What's the difference?

The difference is that anti-theists are not content to be hidden in some corner or to be relegated to a closet.  We don't care if those who are accustomed to having their way with the world denounce or persecute us and call us every vile name they can think of.  Our message to them is that their ascendancy is going to come to an end and we are going to be instrumental in bringing that end about.

They can denounce and threaten us however they choose.  We will not be intimidated.  We will not be silenced.

Ever since desperate Constantine convened that council at Nicacea and saddled the Western world with his hodge podge of mostly mithraic syncretic religion and then enforced it with Roman military might, Christianity in myriad manifestations has run roughshod over occidental society.  For centuries, its  book of fiction doomed multiple generations to stultifying ignorance.  The renaissance mollified and challenged their dominance.  The Enlightenment dealt it heavy blows, as has modern science (which it hates with a purple passion) and led to the establishment of an American republic officially free from religious domination.

That was a bitter pill for theists to swallow.  They have never ceased to chafe under the limitations placed upon them by the Constitution.

By every stratagem and subterfuge available to them, they have sought to subvert that great document unceasingly.  It has been such a pervasive campaign that one ex-president has publicly stated that an atheist cannot be a good citizen "because this is one nation under god."

If he weren't so abysmally ignorant, he would know that that unconstitutional addition to the pledge of allegiance was not added until about sixty years ago.  Our founding fathers would have tossed it into the nearest waste basket!

Fanatical religion has never ceased to assault and seek to undo the freedoms our founding fathers took such great pains to bequeath to us.  They have been on their zealous quest to undo and circumvent those precepts ever since their establishment, resorting to such ridiculous slogans as "faith based."

Not just the old, traditional Catholic and Protestant organizations.  A plethora of new, and just as illusory and ridiculous cults and superstitions soon came on the scene.  Many of them have become very widespread and powerful.  They are just as, and in some cases even more so, dedicated to surreptitiously gaining control over the thinking and lives of the general population of this country!

It wasn't very long after our nation's founding that a deranged con-artist by the name of Joseph Smith came along and set up the travesty of Mormonism that has now become so mainstream that we have a viable presidential candidate from that organization whose holy book is so stupid as to be laughable even as a work of science fiction.

In the mid-eighteenth Century, the Millerites and their prophetic debacle came along.  Like all extremes, they didn't go away when their prognostications were proved false.  From their ranks emerged another deranged "leader" who probably suffered from partial-complex seizures ( spouting prophecies and inane garbage and set up what is today known as The Seventh-Day Adventists.  That led to The Church of God Seventh-Day, The Branch Davidians, Herbert Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God and an inestimable and growing number of COGs and ridiculous cults. 

The Western world, and particularly the supposedly rationalist U.S.A., is awash in religion!  I couldn't even begin to cover the "wooo, wooo" out there!  Like "Scientology!"

As an anti-theist, I refuse to just sit here on my little lot in Cottonwood, Arizona and blow it all off.  I have very few years left now, but while I still draw the breath of life, I will never cease to "cry aloud" the anti-theist message.

Every time I encounter a new book, a new article, a new website, a new blog, etc., trumpeting the anti-theist message, I want to shout for joy!

I will continue to seek out others of like mind and meet with them, just like those founding fathers gathered in taverns and lodges to sow and cultivate the seeds of freedom and rationality. 

Back off Theists!  You've had your nefarious run!  A several centuries run of ignorance, deception and tyranny!

The truth will be proclaimed!

You will not stop us!

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