Tuesday, January 31, 2012


The January 23 issue of Time had a picture of 81-year young Warren Buffett on its cover and a five-page article on this astute and patriotic American financier and philanthropist. It's rare and refreshing to find a billionaire who is a liberal and not set on reducing everyone not in his privileged class to the category of a menial serf good for nothing but haughty contempt and grist for the corporate mill.

I've stated before that I deeply respect this man, along with Bill Gates. I hope a few more wealthy people share their attitudes, but I only know about them.

I don't automatically dislike wealthy people. They are just as human as am I, and I've had some horrible attitudes predicated on mostly religious nonsense in my past. I've had to repent of and grow out of those attitudes. I'm sure Warren Buffett has grown during his life also.

Too bad Warren is as old as he is. He'd made a good senator, representative or president. The man sees things clearly and he's fair and sensibly minded. However, he probably wouldn't stand a chance just because he is so sensible and fair. An astounding number of American citizens can't see an inch ahead of their big, self-centered, religiously deceived, dumb noses.

All my life, I've marveled at how so many people despise history. They daydream through history classes and don't bother to deeply reflect back on the past they themselves have experienced. So, today we have the spectacle of people actually condemning the hard fought for and well thought out social programs men like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhauer, John Kennedy, Harry Truman, etc. dedicated their lives to championing.

I hear bullshit such as, "Social Security is broke!"


Crooked politicians misdirected its funds so tax cuts could be given to the wealthy one percent and corporations. Those funds are guaranteed by government securities that are just as binding as are obligations to China or any other entity. As long as the fiat money system goes on, Social Security is as solvent as anything in this crazy world can be!

The robber barons simply want to leave millions of people holding an empty bag -- just as our ancestors who lived long enough were often left destitute prior the the New Deal. Most people didn't even live to 65 back in those days. Leave it to the idiots who shout "socialism" about anything benefiting the common citizen, and we'll soon be back to those days of short, brutal, poverty filled lives for the average citizen!

If you don't have this issue of time, go find one at the library and read what this honorable and very wise American has to say. And, while you're at it, go online or look up a good history book to get some real history about what has transpired in the history of this nation and the world in the last three quarters century -- unless you happened to be in the educated minority who already knows.

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