Sunday, April 7, 2013


Just so people understand, I am not advocating the disarming of the American people when I advocate sensible gun control legislation, including universal background checks and the abolishment of assault rifles and other strictly military firearms and their acoutrements, like multiple round clips, in the hands of ordinary citizens. I wouldn't be for that anymore than I'd be for limiting automobile possession to a select few people, but I have no problem with having to prove I know how to drive safely and am physically capable of doing so before I am issued a driver license. If I hadn't had that cataract removal operation, there is no way I should have been allowed on the road, both for my own safety and certainly the safety of the public.

Likewise, felony criminals, mentally deranged people, etc. shouldn't be accumulating or toting around firearms, and if we weren't so intent on letting the wealthy get away with financially raping the society, we could afford to give such needy people the kind of supervised care they so desperately need and keep them away from access to such instruments of mass destruction.

I've mentioned before that when we knew my native american stepson was being released from prison and would be living with us for awhile, I got rid of all our firearms that I never used and saw no reason to possess because we knew his weakness for alcohol could take over and he is totally insane when alcohol is in his system. I didn't even keep the air guns I had purchased to deal with "varmints."

Guns are tools with legitmate practical uses. Like all tools, they can be dangerous in inexperienced or careless hands. I've used a lot of tools, and so far, nothing of disastrous import has occurred, but I've come close. It only takes a moment of inattention or some unexpected slip for serious injuries, some life threatening, to occur.

I personally think that we, as a nation, would be far safer if we had universal military training and every citizen was a potential soldier, if needed. Everyone would be schooled in weaponry and mentally unqualified individuals could be much more easily identified. I also think it's reasonable to have to prove proficiency and mental stability before being allowed to own such a weapon.

Yes, there could be dangers. However, nations like Switzerland and Israel have been able to pull off such universal militarization successfully and remain free nations. I think we have the capacity to do so as well. The dangers of our present inept system are all too apparent -- and disastrous.

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