Sunday, April 28, 2013


I continue to be astounded at the cost of things today. No wonder so many are close to destitution and homelessness!

We and the poms went to WalMart this morning. On her way out, Phyllis told me she had bought some potato salad and asked if I'd get some fish sandwiches for lunch at the instore McDonalds.

It was $7.04 for two not too large buns, 2 small squares of fish and two dollops of tartar sauce! Where was the gold foil they should have come wrapped in?

I know the young guy who served me isn't being paid very much and is probably only surviving by continuing to live with his parents who are also undoubtedly struggling and watching the steady decline in their standard of living and the increase in their debt level.

This never had to be. We are all slaves to our petroleum based economic system that is being stubbornly maintained by the millionaires and billionaires who own us all. Long ago, we should have been powering our commerce and ourselves on pollution free hydrogen made cheaply from electricity and water. Don't give me that crap about how dangerous hydrogen is. Nobody has a problem dealing with equally explosive propane, which is petroleum based, or with atomic energy of which we've had ample demonstration of it's horrific dangers. How many are going to ultimately die from that japanese disaster. How safe do you feel eating that tuna sandwich loaded with radioactive isotopes? Don't hear much about that, do you? A vast swath of the Ukraine and to a lesser extent much of Europe will be poisoned for generations -- unborn generations which will continue to pay the price.

It seems like our checks go faster each passing month, no matter how much we cut back, refinance our mortgage, switch auto insurance, etc. And, the millionaires and billionaires make snide remarks about our being freeloaders and somehow falsely entitled. Yeah, we're part of that 47% asshole Romney denigrated. He's set for life with his pirated millions stolen largely from pension funds he confiscasted from raided companies. Business man, indeed! Not in my book. Introduce him to me and I'll spit in his hypocrite face.

End of rant.

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