Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I get disgusted with the dumb expectations people have toward a president. They expect him to be a king and just get things done by command as soon as he is elected, not stopping to realize that this is a representative form of government and the president can't do a damn thing in most cases if the congress doesn't back him up.

Lot's of people think Obama has been sitting on his hands where Gitmo is concerned. Fact is, he issued an executive order to close down that embarrassing travesty soon after his inauguration but congress stymied and sabotaged it.

Congress (I mean the Republicans and a few traitor Democrats who should be kicked the hell out of the party) has done everything it could to sabotage every good thing Obama has tried to do since day one of his first administration. They are total assholes and I have no intention of apologizing to anyone for using that kind of terminology.
I despise everything the Republican party is and stands for.

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