Friday, April 5, 2013


It's a fact -- an inescapeable fact.  I'm going to die -- someday, someway.  You are too.  Everybody who has ever been successfully born is going to die.  Billions already have during the history of the human race.

We all know it, and we knew it fairly early in life.  It fills us with fear of its inevitability from an early age.  That fear has been capitalized on by innumerable skillful con artists from the beginning of human awareness up until the present time.  They were always there to extend a lifeline of hope for survival past that inevitable event.  The magical formulas have changed with time, but the promise has always been extended to the gullible that they can defeat death and live on forever in an afterlife if they will just follow the formula put forth.  Of course, that always includes maintaining the con artist in the lifestyle he demands for himself or they for themselves.

Some, like the new Pope, will make a show of being humble, but the fact never changes that even their humble lifestyle is being made possible by the groveling sacrifices of those beneath and subservient to them.

Some of us have managed to free ourselves and look the facts squarely in the face.  I have, and so have many others, like Roger Ebert, who had some very interesting things to say on the subject.   Read it here:

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