Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Facebook keeps asking me what's on my mind. So much I couldn't begin to post it all, there or here. I try to cover as much as possible. Have no idea how many love it or hate it. I really don't care who doesn't. I'm going to write it and cross post it anyway. At least some will appreciate it.

For far too many years, I was sentenced to grumbling in silence and, alternately, soaring to the heights with ecstatic thoughts I couldn't share. Even now, so few really see or care about the things that matter to me as a caring individual and patriotic citizen.

I just want to say once again that I really appreciate what modern technology has made available to people like me. I started out fitfully a couple years ago blogging and then Facebooking and it all keeps expanding. I'm writing so much more, delving ever deeper into mass communication. No day is boring anymore. If I'm tired of doing chores, I can sit down here at the computer and let myself range free putting into prose what I may have been mulling over for hours.

I just wanted to express my appreciation. It's more fulfilling than I could ever have dreamed possible.
Thanks to all those who made it possible.

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