Sunday, May 19, 2013


I was driving to Sedona today to pick up some free wood and the old brain started musing away. I thought back to the old Sabbath issue that helped get me into that theological abortion called originally the Radio Church of God, then the Worldwide Church of God. Both are now gone and have been replaced by hundreds of splinters and offshoots, mostly championed by some egomaniacal would be clone of Herbert W. Armstrong. They vary only in the degree and depths of their fanaticisms.

We believed, unlike even dumber fundamentalists, that the earth was created long before man was (known as the gap theory) but we still were sure that Satan destroyed everything in a gigantic interstellar war and there had to be a recreation that took a literal seven days about six thousand years ago and it was incumbent on us to observe that seventh day we were convinced the Jews preserved inviolate all these centuries.

I started to doubt that BS even while I was still a member and employee. There was a nagging doubt about it all that kept coming up. The longer I tried to observe the Sabbath, the more utterly absurb it became.

Sabbaths just don't fit in a technological, advanced world such as the one in which we live. Read the rules sometime. You can't even kindle a fire if you were caught out in the open in the upper Midwest after Sundown on wintry Friday night. The world would grind to a halt every seventh day. Plane schedules would have to make sure no plane landed at an airport after sundown Friday. If you were traveling, where would you eat if no restaurants were open.

I could go on and on. It's clear that the Sabbath was a gigantic pain in the ass even in much simpler ages. It certainly was for me while I was caught up in that nonsense and it was a great relief when I got it through my stupid head that it was all a big sham based on a myth that was a lie to begin with.

Limited work weeks is all we need so people can have adequate time for rest and personal things. We don't need some supposedly "holy" piece of time based on a creation account that is a gigantic lie foisted upon the Jewish people by priests who brought back and revised Babylonian myths after the Babylonian captivity and panned them off on the Jewish people for their (the priests) benefit.  It put the populace in a straight jacket they cunningly devised.

I now rest and recreate when I feel the need to do so. I recognize no holy time someone else arbitrarily sets up, usually for the purpose of getting me to come listen to their supposedly superior knowledge, wisdom and understanding so they can sucker me into supporting them in the style they conclude they deserve for all the service they're rendering me (different priestly class, same sham with same goal).  (I'm an old ranch kid.  I know what "servicing" is all about.  When you take a cow to a bull for "service," guess what happens,)

No thanks. Whatever time I have is my time and I'll decide how to use it.

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  1. I remember back when very few businesses were open on Sunday. It's true, society basically ground to a halt...stupid. So many of our holidays are based on the same lie of religion. I am truly at a loss for words when I realize that there are so many people who still believe in an invisible man living in the sky!