Thursday, May 16, 2013


Those Mexicans know how to eat! We enjoyed La Fonda mexican restaurant yesterday. Tonight, we just warmed up some refried beans and had tostadas with cheese, sour cream and Chachie's salsa, topped off with a bottle of wine. I'm still sipping on that. They tend to eat more balanced meals than lots of other people do.

No outside work today, but I did book a bi-lingual wedding ceremony for May 31 at Red Rock state park. The rest of the day was taken up with sales in early morning (we hit a very good estate sale this morning) and a short stop at WalMart. Then I hit things around here for much of the afternoon, cut back the climbing roses so they'll bloom again, sorted the recycling, patroled for new weeds and a couple of other little things.

Tomorrow, there's a community sale and after that more things waiting around here. There never is a lack of chores needing done, and they went begging much of last year while I was trying to make Aflac go. Don't miss it. Quite the contrary. It's a relief not to have the pressure. Live and learn.

Same with the Lions Club. Things like that are valuable in the community, but I'll leave it to others with fewer other pressures and consuming interests. Blogging and Facebook more than take their place and I control everything about both. Old independent, ornery me likes it that way.

I've come to realize that a self-reliant, independent person like me can never be happy tied to anything that limits autonomy. Nearly forty years of entrepreneurship thoroughly spoiled me, as some people might regard it. When my son Gene and I had our carpet business together, our motto was: "Eat no shit -- kiss no ass!" We didn't walk off many jobs, but when the situation called for it, we didn't hesitate. Really shocked one lady when I firmly told my son, "Pack up." I knew we were dealing with the clasic example of a bitch when her husband disappeared as she started questioning if we knew what we were doing and asked if we had references after she'd already hired us because she didn't understand, in her ignorance, why we were proceeding as we were. No professional is going to tolerate any ignorant amateur looking over their shoulder and questioning their professional expertise. At least, not this professional.

I put these little anecdotes on here in the hope that they may help people like my grandchilddren deal with life a little better once in awhile. It's not intended to be "tooting my horn." I've learned things in more than seven decades, and I hope what I write about accomplishes some good. My son was there to learn a lot of it in person, and he tells me he appreciates it. I can only be in one place at a time, but what I write can be many places now and later.

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