Sunday, May 12, 2013


I did one of my favoite things yesterday.  I officiated at a wedding.
Yesterday's wedding was outstanding at a Sedona resort and took place under cathedral like trees on the bank of Oak Creek. The couple was from Phoenix and, being computer savvy, they had found my blog and both said they loved it. Nice change. So many people hate it. I lost one caller a few weeks ago because of it. He obviously had an hostile attitude toward my opinions. That won't deter me.  Nothing will deter me anymore.

The bride had two sons who are either teens or pre-teen. Very fine young men with good bearing and manners and they both walked her down the aisle.

They also appreciated my ceremony which I've carefully crafted over the years to avoid all the traditional nonsense and even changed one statement yesterday to give less expert credence to Paul's statements about love in I Cor. 13. I know the literary creation called Paul is the real source of what is known as Christianity today, but that chapter is not the only meaningful teaching on the subject of love. So, I changed one sentence to include all the famous teachers on the subject. I'm always thinking, analyzing and evolving.

I wish this outstanding couple and their new family unit all the happiness and fulfillment possible. I know all too well that there will be problems to overcome, challenges to meet and the occasional disappointment or heartache. That's the reality of life, but dedicated, unwavering love and commitment will get them through.

It's a real fulfillment to do these wedding ceremonies. It can hardly be described as work. I've been privileged to do hundreds now since 1997, quite a few in prisons when we were in Phoenix. I often wonder how it all turned out and how many have been successful in claiming true happiness for themselves. I can only give them the legal start. The rest is up to them.
I have good "vibes" about yesterday.

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