Sunday, May 26, 2013


Technology, especially the improvements in communication, like everything else, has up and down sides. Communication has especially exploded. At the wedding yesterday, cell phones (mostly the smart variety) were ubiquitous. People were taking snapshots, maybe videos, and on them constantly. I've taken to asking people to mute their cell phones when I begin the ceremony.

We know about anything and everything minutes after an occurence anywhere in the world. Whether an assertion or emotional appeal is wise or stupid, it can be front and center to millions of people almost instantaneously.

I'm all for knowing, but I wish so much of what is slamed in my face wasn't so false and outright stupid -- geared to emotionally deceive people. It was mainly through radio that Herbert Armstrong pushed his insane agenda into my life and persuaded youthful, impressionable me that he had "the truth." It was anything but. It was so persuasive that over 700 splinter cults are now going teaching the same kind of nonsense in hundreds of different flavors. Multiple thousands have never escaped the sheer nonsense and lies he promoted.

I'm not advocating trying to stop communication. I'm using it right now and appreciate being able to do so. I'm trying to use it to get people to think and not be easily swayed by the falsities that flood all forms of communication and are often well-financed by avaricious people who don't have the welfare of the average individual at heart. We have a new generation of slave masters to be wary of. They're out to control you and me, not by chaining us with material chains, but by chaining us mentally through deceitful, lying propaganda masquerading as "truth" -- just like old Herb did.

The tele-evangelists, "conservative"politicians, and a host of other deceivers have become masters at it. Be on guard. Think!

I didn't think deeply enough at age 18, and it took me decades to shake it all off.

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