Saturday, May 31, 2014


As a human creature, I'm an organized concoction of atoms that were born in stars intricately arranged into molecules and chemical compounds that work together in an harmonious state. Once in awhile things go wrong, and the older you get, the more that happens. Eventually, some malfunction will kill me. I know that, but I don't think about it too much. Living is just too interesting in the meantime.

Just like in the technological world, one improvement leads to countless others and we now have touch screen computing devices that make the first computer we owned look like a lumbering dinosaur in comparison. Remember those first clunky cell phones? Now, the only computer some people have is a smart phone they hold in one hand and it far oushines the first computers.

We recently found the missing link fossil (yes, missing link fossilss are all over the place) of a fish that had jointed limbs. That fish is in my genealogical lineage, and those apendages are the forerunners of the fingers that are clicking these computer keys.

That wonderful development took place eons ago -- eons that are virtually impossible for me to wrap my mind around. It was a far different planet then. The present world map didn't exist. Landmasses have moved around painfully slowly in the meantime. Oceans and seas have come and gone. Millions of species have thriven and perished. It's a miracle that just the right ones came along and led to ME!

Have parallel events transpired on other planets? Probably. But what stage are they in? Has anything comparable to us evolved out there somewhere? Maybe. Maybe not. It's doubtful I'll ever know. But, I can wonder.

Time to get on with the day and go outside to observe and wonder about all those other marvelous creatures (and relatives) that fill this wonderful world we seem to be hell bent on trashing and destroying for the sake of human invented wealth.

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