Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Propaganda does horrible things with people's minds. Two examples are global warming and creationism.

All qualified scientists are unanimous in stating that global warming is real and a growing threat and that creationism is a lot of bunk. People don't like either fact so they are quick to grab onto any off-the-wall bullshit some idiot pulls out of the nether region of his anatomy and publishes. They have no academic or scientific background or credentials. They just endlessly quote each other based on manufactured credentials from spurious organizations they themselves created.

But, they get equal, if not even greater, coverage, and the average gullible cretin who desperately wants to believe his opinions are just as good as all those "edicated fools," parrots it and seeks to impose the nonsense on public policy, especially education. After all, they aren't going to stand for their kid coming home and telling them that they don't know diddly about anything.

Well, they don't! And, the tragedy of the situation is that some of them have their asses firmly planted in the halls of congress.

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