Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I was just reading on the Banned by HWA blog the touching tribute to a former worldwider who has gone the way of all flesh. He was, apparently, one of the more genuine adherents to that theological aberration.

What struck me was his widow's belief that a "crown" is laid up for him.

I have no doubt that he was an exemplary person who did his level best to live a good and loving life. He's not alone. Most people have a desire to live that kind of life, and many succeed to some degree. We certainly all aspire to the goal if we're decent human beings.

But, why does everyone aspire to have a "crown?' What's the great attraction of having something that signifies absolute rule over other creatures? When I was in Worldwide, that was the ever-present "carrot" suspended in our plodding gaze to keep us hyped up as we traversed one "gun lap" after another. We practically orgasmed over the prospect of being rulers over this messed up earth and being able to be that "voice behind them" every time they were about to mess up.

It's still going in all those laughable splits and splinters that remind me of the divisions of protestantism we used to so self-righteously ridicule.

What comical denizens of primatedom we are! Might as well laugh about it. All comedy harks back to the stupidities of reality.

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