Tuesday, May 20, 2014


It's down to three contenders tonight for Dancing With the Stars finale, and they're all good. The real contest is between Meryl and Maks and Amy and Derek. Hard to choose, but my votes went to Meryl and Maks. We'll see what happens this evening.

I appreciate having something like this excellent program to take my mind off what's wrong with the world. A little inspiration goes a long way sometimes. I certainly need it.

It's truly inspiring to see what human beings can do when they really pull out all the stops and give it their all. There are very few truly lazy people in the world. Most will rise to their potential if they have a decent chance. It's such a tragedy when children are put down and their spirits broken before they even get an opportunity to show what they're really made of.

The marvels of genetics are truly amazing. Every baby that comes into this world is so full of potential and I often wonder how much true potential never gets to be. There wouldn't be space to accomodate it all, So, we should cherish every little life that comes along and strive to develop it to the full.

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