Monday, May 5, 2014


(From Facebook.)

Time to get going on this day. I need a haircut and have an eye exam scheduled. We'll see how those old lamps are doing.

My son called last evening to see how I'm doing. It's comforting to know your children care about you as you steadily decline. I now have a problem with my right knee which tends to lodk up when I stand still for a long time doing something. I'm trying to figure out the machanics that cause the problem. Probably just an old, sloppy joint. I guess I need to consult a specialist. We're kind of like old machines that develop bad bearings with use. A knee operation definitely does not appeal to me.

I can't complain. Nearly eighty years of vibrant health and physical agility. I've never spent even an hour in a hospital bed and hope to keep it that way. I have that die with your boots on attitude.

It's still frustrating though when I have to take slopes slowly and couldn't feel safely balanced on a step stool yesterday when I was putting a new chain on a ceiling fan. Had to go get the A-frame aluminum ladder so I could lean against it. A lack of testosterone does a lot more damage than just diminished to absent sex drive. It affects everything!

I now know what "the juices drying up" means. It's more than figurative language. We come into this world wound up and the spring gets tighter until we pass that quarter century mark. Then, it's a steady downhill trip that isn't too noticeable at first. Just fifteen years ago, I could still square dance up a storm and work long days.

It's that "memories" stage of life.

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