Wednesday, November 7, 2012


We have a neighbor at the corner of our street whom I've never met and really don't care to meet.  Every election, he loads his two fences with every Republican campaign sign he can find. 

We were wondering how soon he would take them down.  Phyllis had a doctor's appointment today, so we and the dogs took a little trip.  As we passed his corner, we noticed not a single sign...BUT, he also flies the US and Arizona flags on two flagpoles.

The national flag was flying upside down!  That's the signal of distress!

We've been rejoicing all day.  Him?  I guess not so much.

Just another of those angry old white men who are ever so slowly disappearing from the scene.  If we survive him, we'll look forward to his estate sale but won't be buying any Republican memorabilia.

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