Wednesday, November 7, 2012


It's over!
Now, I can rest as soon as that big glass of tea I had with dinner, and which I found out was cafeinated, wears off. I avoid cafeine because I developed an alergy to it right after I turned 70. If I drink cafeinated drinks for two or three weeks, I might as well have alzheimers. An occasional cup of coffee or tea only keeps me awake due to not being used to it.

Anyway, I can now stop fearing what might happen to this great republic my ancestors fought and died for. The theocratic right has been soundly trounced and Obama can appoint truly qualified jurists to the Supreme Court with the approval of a senate controlled by sane democrats. The gravy train for the super rich will at least be slowed down a bit. People who are "different," due to being born of a darker race, with a different sexual orientation or a different belief system will be accorded the kind of respect every human being deserves. Women won't be consigned to a second class existence under the dictates of antiquated religion and male bias.

Oh, we haven't "arrived" yet. The struggle against ignorance and superstition will go on. Mindless denunciation of progressive ideas as "socialism" won't end. Hate will not magically disappear.

But, we dodged the bullet. After the coming four years, we should be fully recovered from the "conservative" illness that came close to completely destroying our republic. That should make it easier for Biden or Hillary to win next time

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