Friday, November 9, 2012


I got a call from my cousin in Houston this morning.  She was kind of down over all the "friends" who have angrily rejected her over her support of Obama.  One of three Obama sign displayers in her plus-55 community has had dog feces thrown on their driveway and trash on their lawn.  I welcomed her to "the club," since I've had the same experiences for decades now.

Theocrats worshipping their "god of love" have one thing abundantly in common -- unthinking hatred of anyone who doesn't go along with their agenda.  If some unfortunate female human gets raped and turns up pregnant, god intended it to turn out that way.  If hated Obama and us horrible liberals happen to win an election, suddenly it must be "Satan's triumph."  I thought they claimed their god was "omnipotent!"  I seem to recall that there is a verse in that New Testament quoting a Jewish leader advising his angry contemporaries to back off lest they be found to be fighting god.

Personally, I don't think any of the imaginary two "gods" people prate about had a damn thing to do with it.  There simply were more of us voting in the right places than them, and we carried the day.  The demographics are changing -- and rapidly.  The "angry old white men" who hate having a "nigger" in the white house (yes, that's exactly how they feel), want the "leave it to Beaver" fantasy world back and detest anyone who doesn't fit their sexual, ideological, hard-ass style of life.  They are losing their clout.  More of them are disappearing from the scene every passing day while younger, more educated and more reasonable people take their place.

They realize they are losing their evil control.  That's why they do everything they can to keep our youth from being truly educated in sound thinking.  That's why they denounce "educated fools."  That's why they want their "creationism" forced on pliable young minds as early as possible -- the plausibility of their holy book is at stake!  They don't want their children to be thinkers.  They want them to be robotic clones of them.  It isn't working.  Largely because -- WE WON!  They know that, and it makes them desperately, viciously angry.  Their grab for power and total dominance was thwarted.

When I was commiserating with my doctor over my fears that Romney might win, he assured me that was impossible because too many thinking young people had come on the scene, and if their votes were honestly allowed and counted, Romney could not win. 

He was right.  I am very thankful he was right.  It means my grandchildren's lives won't be lived in a theocratic hell hole under the unfeeling heel of the rich and the fanatical theists.  Notice the election maps.  Those red states delineate the religion-deluded Bible Belt and the Book of Mormon deluded west. 

We now have the chance to reverse course and nip that theocratic Dickensian world in the bud.

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  1. Right on, Al. Though my own senior community is heavily overloaded with Republicans, they have seemed to show respect for others in that no trash or other matter has been tossed on our yards. Most of my golf club acquaintances seem to be holding their grumbling to a minimum (publically) and are keeping their minds more on their golf games. Nice!