Thursday, November 8, 2012


I admire animals and get delight from almost all of them.  A few, like mosquitos, could disappear from the earth and not be missed by me, but I guess they and their larvae are important as a food source to some other species, so, "Please pass the repellent."

We were at a yard sale this morning held by a nice lady who breeds, trains and shows Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs.  The one out front was sweet and absolutely beautiful.  She told us a bit about them and one story really stood out.

People who own Ridgebacks have found that the dog's jugment of people can be relied upon 100%.  They tell anyone who adopts or buys a Ridgeback to always go with and rely on the dog's judgment.

One lady got a Ridgeback puppy from this breeder and she told her that very thing.  Five years later that new Ridgeback owner came by to relate how reliable the advice had been.

She said that a man she knew and had trusted came by unexpectedly one day.  The dog absolutely refused to let that man enter the house and it mystified her.  About two weeks later, that same man was arrested for raping and murdering another woman in that same community.

I suppose we will never be able to determine the exact mechanism behind such dog instincts.  I could throw out all kinds of suppositions and some people might be dumb enough to think I knew what I was talking about.  I'm content to just pass on the story and appreciate one more example of how great a blessing "man's best friend" can be.

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