Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Henry Ford raised the wages of his assembly line workers so they would be able to afford the ownership of the autos they were constructing.  He was a wise man.  He understood that true prosperity for himself included prosperity and well-being for those who served him in his factories.

Somewhere along the way, that philosophy has disappeared from most boardrooms and has been replaced with greed and avarice directed toward the top 1% of our so-called economy.  The average citizen is being squeezed in a financial vice, paying taxes vastly higher than the privileged few while they mortgage their futures to those same vultures just to survive day to day. 

Not only are their wages steadily being eroded by pompous CEOs and overpaid company hacks, but if those avaricious incompetents happen to drive the establishment to ruin, some pirate operation like Bain Capital will descend upon it and abscond with everything of value, including the pension funds on which workers had placed their hopes for retirement security -- all to build the obscne wealth of a few privileged multi-millionaires who proclaim themselves "businessmen." 

What a travesty! 

Pirates masquerading as businessmen!

We just escaped having one of those pirates as our president!

It's time to reign in such nonsense if our nation is to survive as anything more than a third world hellhole for the average citizen.  Among the first steps needs to be a law that guarantees that the security of pension funds won't be stolen by legalized criminals.

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