Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Within the last 24-hours we heard the cheering news that Kyrsten Sinema has won here in Arizona, putting another Democrat of the female persuasion in the House of Representatives.

Why am I, a man, cheering when I read an article like this:  http://www.offthesidelines.org/blog/a-historic-election-for-women?

I've come to realize how important women are to a vibrant, progressive and sane society.  Over my lifetime, I've evolved from the super fundamentalist I used to be to the thoughtful progressive liberal I am today.  I no longer have the attitude fostered by patriarchal religions that women are lesser creatures created to serve and be in subjection to men.  That's a bullshit premise, if there ever was one.

I've profited all my life from the influence of women as well as men.  Knowledge, wisdom and leadership ability isn't concentrated in any one sex.  There was my mother and my grandmothers.  I especially learned love and tenderness nestled in their soft bosoms.  My first and second grade teacher was an exemplary woman who got me started academically.  Anne Niclolson was her name, and I will never forget her.

There have been so many that I could not begin to enumerate the benefits I have often subtly received through association and partnership with the female half of humanity.  My proficiency, limited as it is, with computers is due to my wife, Phyllis.  When we got married in 1995, she was amused that I wanted to buy a typewriter.  Soon we had our first computer and I slowly learned how to use and appreciate them.  Now, it's the first thing I go to every morning.  We have three of them in total.  In so many things, she is my "right arm," and I seek her advice and counsel by habit, just as she does mine.

Teamwork without sexually based and biased attitudes is the answer to nearly everything.  I hope I'm getting across the fact that we all need each other and the sooner women have an equal and respected right at the national and international tables, the better off the entire human race will be.

C'mon, all you angry old white men.  Chill out a little and appreciate the benefits to be derived from all those females you've felt superior to and belittled.

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