Monday, June 3, 2013


Life is so scary, even now in this enlightened age. It always has been and my friend, Dennis Deahl, just published a blog entry on Banned by HWA about the wild-eyed pronouncments of how "god" is punishing our nation for it's sinfulness with storms, fires, you name it -- "god" did it -- to get people to "repent," of course. That repentance, naturally, involves people listenng to the magnificent and only true message being brought by that particular over-impressed with himself narcissist. How that's going to happen is never explained, by them or any other deluded "faith monger."

Same old same old crap.

It can't just be that cold and warm air masses collide on a trajectory that starts thunderstorms whirling or that dry lightning hits dry brush and the brush ignites, etc. Some god has to be behind it all. Disasters can't be just natural occurences or dumb mistakes from a moment of distraction. Some magnificent, and somewhat malevolent, deity has to be behind it all -- a deity who has to take roundabout ways of communicating with us instead of just showing up and laying down the law. If he's too busy, I'm sure all those angelic beings casting crowns at his magnificent feet could be spared for a few minutes to carry out the loving assignment.

Why don't we just go back to setting up statues of Baal the storm god and prostrate ourselves in front of them? It would make as much sense as listening to this antiquated, science denying crap.

A beautiful honeysuckle bush at the back of our property is browning up. It's either the heat and dryness taking a toll or some disease is taking over. I soaked it down and hope that pulls it through for a month or so until some humidity comes our way. No "god" cursed it. There's a natural and logical reason.

When trouble comes, it's natural to look for help, just like little Daisy, our beloved Ponchi, sought comfort in my arms a couple days ago. I was real. I was there. I could do something, and I did. It's time for us to realize there is no watchful big daddy "up there" when troubles are looming. The only help we're going to get is from our own preparedness, quick actions and the charity of loving people. We'd better have good insurance, a storm room or basement, medical coverage (if we can afford it in this "socialism" hating nation), etc.

We should have outgrown our primitive superstitious fears like most of the nations which are leaving us in the dust in just about every way imaginable. We need to realize that no "god" is going to send armies of non-existent angels to deliver us from anything or do some marvelous magic in our behalf anymore than such interventions were in the offing for the inmates of Nazi concentration camps. It was the Russian and other allied armies that delivered what was left of those poor people! No god of any imagined majesty did a damn thing.

Empty mental fluff fluff has no power to do anything! Forget that nonsense about being punished for not falling in line and kissing some narcissist's ass!


  1. Great post! I really can't believe it when I hear people on CNN, of all places, urging people to 'pray for those affected by these storms'. That's the same as admonishing people to do nothing. America is one of the most religious nations on earth. I also hate it when I hear survivors of these disasters say shit like, 'I survived because I prayed to God to spare me. I wasn't done living and He has a plan for me'. I always think that, according to that logic, the hundreds of people who did die, did so because they didn't pray hard enough? It's all so maddening!

  2. Simply and powerfully stated, Al. Not to mention, clearly and logically TRUE!