Monday, June 17, 2013


Many of my readers may wonder why I despise religion so thoroughly. Why do I take every opportunity that presents itself to blast it as the pernicious evil I'm convinced it is?

It comes from a lifetime of experience, of being on both sides of the fence and seeing firsthand what it's all about. Not a pretty picture! I'm trying every way I can find to present the facts and open people's minds to see where their lives and futures are being pirated by know-it-all ignorant narcissists whose only goal is to keep their loyal following under their thumb -- paying, praying and kissing ass!

I know the history championed by all religions in their holy books, their pompous publications, etc. is universally a concocted farce. The Torah is false. The historical parts of the old testament are largely false. The prophets -- what a mess that is, and what nonsense it generates today! The new testament is likewise a mostly fictional concoction invented by people who never knew or heard any of the original people it purports to report on, decades and centuries after the fact. The Quran is a fanciful concoction in the same league as the Book of Mormon or Ron Hubbards blatherings. It would be impossible to list all the inanity out there enslaving human minds. Go to a bookstore or to Amazon and you'll be amazed at the plethora of mind-warping nonsense you could get into. (That is not to be taken as a reommendation to partake, by the way,)

Most religion traces back to people afflicted with mental disorders, among them narcissism and frontal lobe damage that leads to things like epileptic seizures and visions. (I'm thinking of Paul, Mohamad, Joseph Smith, Ron Hubbard, Ellen G. White, Loma and Herbert Armstrong, etc. It could be an endless list.) They are people who should have been cared for in institutions which didn't exist in their time! Instead, they got to parlay their madness into grandiose power and many of them got to bask in opulent luxury and at times a bit of hedonism at the expense of their faith adled dupes! Today, we just don't want to pay for proper care, so a multitude of sick people are wandering around, and some of them are in pulpits.

I know a lot of those lower down on the totem pole are sincerely trying to do what they see as good. I was once one of them. Now, I realize to my horror that I was only messing up human lives with total lying nonsense I've come to abhor. That will bother me to the day I die. I can't redo it, but I can expose the farce, the con games, the infamy.

It's the only atonement possible.

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