Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I'm not quite as depressed as I was yesterday after I saw the bigots of this country given a Supreme Court green light to continue their efforts to didsenfranchise every non-conservative voter they possibly can so that damnable tea party and rest of the Republican fascists can continue to ride rough shod over the American people.

The wicked witch of the west, Arizona's governor, was positively gl...eeful about that abortion of jurisprudence. I wouldn't expect anything else from a hateful bitch like her.

I have no illusions that things have really changed in the old south and other retrogressive areas of the US. "States rights" is as much a code word for hate and suppression as it was in the mid-eighteen hundreds. It fills me with revulsion every time I hear it. It's the chant of hate filled bigots who want to enslave everyone they can by any and all subterfuges possible.

So, I'll just keep hammering away and seeking any outlet open to do what little I can do.
I'm weary, but that's nothing new.

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