Saturday, June 29, 2013


I was just whipping down my Facebook posts of the past few days and came across Robert Ingersoll's quote that every religion correctly labels all other religions frauds.
They are all right on that point!

Human self-righteous gullibility is beyond comprehension. We're so cock sure that we and ours just have to be the top of the heap and automatically right in our opinions and culture. Daddy and mommy couldn't have been mistaken in any of the things they spoonfed into our naive little minds way back there in our childhood. That nice minister couldn't be a ravening wolf in disguise, but Herbert Armstrong was and Pat Robertson and numerous others are.

I've had to realize, to my horror, that what I tried to push into my children's heads way back there was a poinsonous brew of abject ignorance. I was too deceived to realize it at the time, but I see it clearly today.

Most people are never blessed with that awareness. Generation after generation goes on with the same delusions being spoonfed into each succeeding generation.

That has to stop -- someway, somehow! If it doesn't, we are doomed!
It has been halted in some nations, but the original champion nation of free thought is now one of the most regimented and oppressed bastions of prejudice and ignorance in the whole world. We're becoming a christian edition of Saudi Arabia! A virtual Christian Taliban has taken over the state of Texas, and Rick Perry is its Ayatollah!

All I can do is raise one small voice. It's discouraging to see all the lying propaganda arrayed against reason. I refuse to give up. Someone has to do this, and it's a bit heartening to see other voices raised.

Being silent is unthinkable once you know what is at stake

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