Sunday, June 2, 2013


It really grates on me when I hear the self-congratulatory cliche that we are the greatest country in the world. This may shock you. It might make you mad.


We're no longer the greatest country in the world. We haven't been for several decades now. Other countries have long ago left us in the dust, chief among which are the scandinavian countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

If I were an impoverished denizen of the third world looking for a place to which I could migrate, I'd probably choose Denmark -- certainly not the USA if I took a long hard look at both destinations.

It's become an habitual mantra, akin to "jesus saves" and has no more basis in reality than that hackneyed nonsense.

I've recently posted several things, especially on Facebook, that back up what I'm saying, but here is a video of an impassioned American's statements that says it all very well. Take a look:

It's time we quit strutting around like peacocks without their decorative fans and setting ourselves up as the laughing stock of the enlightened world.  We think we're beautiful and oh so special.  Most of the world knows better, and we can't depend on military might to make us top dog forever -- in a world that gets more disgusted and scornful every day.

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