Friday, June 7, 2013


I get rather short tempered with denouncements of our government's attempts to monitor dangerous communications. People get the idea that their chat with their wife or girlfriend, etc. is being recorded and listened in on.

Let's get real here!

To make such a thing possible would require the hiring of millions of agents and increasing the national debt by far more than anyone can imagine. I haven't seen any appeals for such monitors anywhere.

Defending ourselves against terrorism requires intelligence and the very people denouncing our attempts to use technology to detect unusual paterns, etc. in communication, especially with foreigners, would be the first to raise indignant voices about incompetence if those charged with protecting us failed to catch the next blatant attempt to kill, maim and destroy.

Do they expect our protectors to have so-called psychic abilities? Our enemies use modern communication to plot against us. Like with any weapon, we have to take counter measures. Trying to scare me with "Big Brother" bullshit only makes me indignant.

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