Tuesday, June 25, 2013


It's a day of despair for me.

For decades, I've watched as the fascist-minded GOP steadily loaded the Supreme Court with right wing, equally fascist-minded so called "Justices." What a misnomer!

We sacrificed mightily to defeat fascism seven decades ago. Ever since elitist Ronald Reagan entered the White House, we've witnessed an ever increasing insane rush to impose fascism on the American people.

It's pretty well succeeded.
We only have the facade of a democracy today. I fully expect racist murderer Zimmerman will probably be acquited by our addled "justice system." I expect every vestige of true civilization, true knowledge, true benevolence to be stripped away and replaced by a faith based hell hole of hateful oppression unless something unforeseen stops it. I see only a nation of the elite and powerful imposing their opinions, their hate and their corrupt system on a mass of serfs whose complaints will be made a criminal offesnse as their rights all disappear.

We are slaves to a fascist elite of millionaires, billionaires and religion-befuddled ignoramuses. I'm sorry, grandkids.  I had no idea this kind of world was coming.  I'm sorry about what you will quite possibly see as the end result.

To all the fascists out there. FUCK YOU! Fuck your fascist Republican party! Fuck your stolen millions and billions! Fuck your ignorant religions! And, FUCK THE FASCIST SUPREME COURT!

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