Sunday, June 23, 2013


I have a new partial plate sitting on my lower jaw. It looks great! Lost three teeth in the process. They were caps, so no nerves to give trouble. I'm in no pain. I really appreciate being able to keep up my dentition. So many are doomed to go around snaggle toothed here in the so-called "greatest country" on earth.

As a state retiree, Phyllis was able to carry on with dental insurance that also covers me.  We still had to apply for credit to do it, but if we pay that off within a year, there's no interest, and we intend to do so.  We did the same thing several years ago when we bought our sleep number bed.

I was talking to my neighbor who has a mouthful of dead roots and a smile that is anything but pretty.  It would take around four thousand bucks to solve everything for him and he can find no one to help.  He has a small veterans dissability pension, some Social Security and Medicare, but in this "greatest of nations (?!!??)," his dental needs are not considered worthy of coverage.  He doesn't know what to do and has been told his problems could even cause cancer.  Too bad.  He's dispensable.  He wasn't out raiding companies like Romney, stealing the workers pension funds, being an oversize asshole hiding behind his mormonism facade while being a total heartless predator.  He worked for a living.  He worked hard.  He also fought for his country.  Some reward he's getting!

That wouldn't be allowed in Denmark or any of those other horrible "socialist" countries. It's a shame that it exists here, but doing something about it might mean one less mansion for some CEO or no corporate jet to fly around the world while pretending to be some fictitious god's gift to mankind (I'm specifically thinking of Herbert Armstrong and his G2 jet, but it applies to other entitled religious assholes and a host of corporate execs).

You've probably guessed that I'm in my usual "spit in their damn eyes" mood. A few days ago, we went to a meeting of the local Democrats to see how we might do some little things to inject a little reason into this screwed up Republican hell hole of a state. The wicked witch of the west surprised the hell out of us by actually championing and signing something recently that showed some compassion for other human beings. I'm happy, but mystified.

I have no illusions about being any kind of big wheel politically. I'm too old, first of all, and I absolutely refuse to be any form of ass kisser. Long ago, I lost my fear of standing up for what I am. If people don't like it, tough. I'll still get my weddings and carpet jobs. Speaking of weddings, my ceremonies are universally loved and complimented. Nobody seems to notice the absence of references to deities, flowery prayers and sanctimonious biblical nonsense.

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