Thursday, October 24, 2013


(From Facebook.)

My daughter, Jaime, keeps mentioning how much she enjoys hearing about my days. That's something I fully understand and appreciate. It also causes me to appreciate modern communications even more. I think Facebook and blogs are great!

I learned a lot from being around my own mother and father all those years on that Dakota ranch. I fall back on those experiences and the wisdom they imparted constantly. Sadly, I had little opportunity to continue the process after leaving home at age 21. I still profited from the times we were together but those were very limited. They'd still be limited where my own children and grandchildren's contact with me is concerned, without the miracle of modern technological communication.

Through the magic of computing, I've been able to put an autobiography out there for whoever wants to read it, and those thoughts that come to me, usually on a daily basis, can be magically put up here on my Facebook page and maybe on my blog. Miles separate us, but I can be right with them every day if it works out that way, and it usually does.

Li'l sweetie just brought me a fresh piece of whipped cream topped german chocolate cake we whipped up earlier. I'm signing off to pig out!

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