Sunday, October 6, 2013


The week has just begun and I'm already weary. Not physically. Mentally and emotionally.

I'm tired of hearing lies from adults throwing tantrums like spoiled brats. I'm exhausted from the impossible task being laid on me to accept the need to "compromise" on established law and the blatant attempt to nullify an election!

Traitors are traitors. Sedition is sedition. Liars are liars. Self-serving criminals are criminals. I refuse to let someone tell me black is really white or the reverse.

I recognize fully that my country is in deep trouble and I know who is precipitating that trouble in spite of their self-righteous look of incredulousness and their protestation, "Who, me? No, he's the problem. He won't lie down and let us fuck him!"

I know. I'm being coarse and plain spoken. I'm an old farm boy and a long time blue collar workman. We aren't long on the niceties.

Deal with it!

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  1. Love it all, Al. You speak what the nation should hear!