Friday, October 18, 2013


(From Facebook.)

We're all set up with our medicare plus policy for next year. We had been with United Health Care through AARP but they're going crazy with new costs. A couple years ago, we saw an advertisement from an expert in Camp Verde who got us into AARP, which was the best at that time. However, that has all changed and he came by today and got us signed up with Phoenix Health Care for next year. Will save us a bundle. Coverage is just as good and we keep our primary doctor, a very important factor to us. Co-pay goes down to $5 from $10. Specialist stayed the same at $40. Plus, we were going to be charged nearly $30 a month just to have the plan. Not a cent with this one.

Shop is still coming along. I'm very pleased but amazed at how time consuming it all is. It's sort of like trying to staighten out the obamacare website. I feel for those IT geeks. They must be pulling their hair out.

Tomorrow, one of our favorite community sales is on, so we'll be out early to cover Pine Shadows from one end to the other. We usually find something there. I'm especially looking for scrap lumber to build doggie stairs for my step-daughter. New lumber is prohibitive. The last set came from tearing down an old cabinet we no longer needed. I built them as a gift to Phyllis' hair dresser so her dog could get up on the bed alone. I carpet them, and they're quite nice.

Time for bed. I've already pontificated enough on my shares. Good night, all.

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