Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Two competing forms of nazism have been at each others throats for decades now. Hitler's form was much too draconian and it was wiped out. But, nazism never died.

That system was fostered by the wealthy of Rome when they created christianity. That system has been, in varying degrees, in control ever since. (

The Catholic church championed it for centuries. The protestants managed to weaken its power and the enlightenment brought about american representative democracy. That democracy has to be destroyed for the original fascist system to seize ultimate contol.

What we're experiencing right now is a fascist-nazi coup designed to finally wipe out the America we once knew. We're headed into a new dark age if they succeed, and I personally see no way they can lose. They have the wealth and power. They will suvive no matter how many sink into gross poverty and starvation. The squalor, ignorance and oppression of the Middle Ages is returning, and the catholic church is right in there as one of the prime movers.

Frankly, I'm glad my life will soon be over, but I ache for my progeny. I'm finally thankful I have no more grandchildren than I do.

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