Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I don't feel sorry for the rethugs. They, especially that intellectual abortion called the tea party, have boxed themselves into a corner where they have to stay half drunk in congress all the time to deal with the doom they have brought upon themselves. They seem willing to take their country into the depths of depression, maybe even civil war, in their vain attempt to thwart the march of history.

They know the affordable care act is going to be a tremendous success just like the social security and medicare they also fought tooth and nail. Once people see how wonderful life becomes when they no longer have to fear the "grim reaper" every time they get sick, the rethug lies will be all too apparent.

That's why they are so insanely desperate! They know their power is just about to come to a screaching halt. They will be out for at least a generation -- unless they do the unthinkable and precipitate a coup! If you think that's impossible, you're delusional beyond all comprehension!

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