Saturday, October 26, 2013


I just took what will be the last load to Habitat for Humanity for a while. I've been on a cleanup and pare down campaign for two weeks now. Today, I learned something about my contributions which made me very happy.

Years ago now, I put together a luggage carrier and a five gallon bucket to enable me to wheel my heavy tools around rather than suspending them from an aching arm. I had dreams of making it a money maker but that never panned out. But, I did manufacture several of them from luggage carriers I bought at sales.

Except for the one I carry in my van with my flooring tools and a delux unit I'm hanging onto, I donated them all to Habitat the last two days. Today I was told they are going to bundle those all up and send them off to their construction crew so their workmen will have an easier way to tote their tools around! That made me very happy as I've always wished I could join in with Jimmy Carter and help build a few houses.

In a way, I'm now doing so.

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