Monday, October 7, 2013


Deja Vu!

The past warns us about the future.

I like history. Always have. My wife likes to chide me about spending so much time watching stuff about the nazis and world war II. There's a reason why I do.

I learn from the parallels and examples. That's why I can clearly see the similarities between what happened in Germany in the 1930s and what's going on in the USA right now.

We have a religio-fascist group called the "tea party" that is determined to flaunt every vestige of democratic government to impose it's will on the populace. In effect, they are symbolically "burning the Reichstag" right now in an attempt to seize absolute dictatorial power. They are criminals and traitors and they should be arrested and imprisoned.

I Know that isn't going to happen, but if we can somehow avoid complete disaster, maybe the american citizenry will awaken and make sure they no longer are in a position to carry on their terrorism. In the final analysis, maybe what's happening will finally awaken people to the monster that resides in their midst.

I certainly hope so, but I no longer have great faith in the intelligence of the average american. Pardon me for not being sure this is going to turn out well.

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