Friday, November 1, 2013


An interesting fact came out on Bill Maher's Real Time tonight. That point was that women have an easier time of cooperating and compromising than men do. I think the observation that testosterone is at the basis is likely true. We men tend to be very competitive and "alpha man" oriented. It was also pointed out that women outnumber men and could easily take over the whole country politically. I, like Nielle Degrasse Tyson, who was on the show, would frankly like to see that happen.

We've had millennia of male domination that orginated in the fertile crescent and Asia and spread pretty much worldwide from there. I believe the old saying that the proof of the pudding is in the tasting and eating. What I see in the world and have experienced all of my life leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth.

I'm not a macho dictator in my own home and really never wanted to be even when I was a slave to armstrongism. I respect women and regard them as equals. I deliberately went looking for someone on my intellectual level and knew I'd hit "pay dirt" when Phyllis came along. The retired baptist minister and fellow square dancer who officiated our wedding didn't like it one bit when we asked him to leave "obey" out of the ceremony. He just shook his head when he asked me one time how many heads there were in my home and I held up two fingers and said "two."

I'm not saying we should live in another unbalanced world where women ride roughshod over men, but history proves the opposite situation has produced a world where brute strength and macho posturing threatens to destroy us all. We should have progressed from that chimp rampaging thru the forest, banging on an oil drum to imtimidate his compatriots. Ted Cruz and his idiot minister father remind of that chimp who is, after all, their distant cousin, whether or not they like it or would admit it.

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