Thursday, October 25, 2012


My last blog dealt with Richard Mourdoch and his stupid, inane statement that a pregnancy from rape would just constitute an example of "god's" rather ghoulish "will."

My wife came up with a rather thought provoking scenario.  She wondered how he would react if his wife or teen-age daughter happened to be the recipient of this rather horrific manifestation of god's "will."  After all, maintaining control over trillions of determined little sperm cells released worldwide every day could get a bit overwhelming even to a supposed omnipotent deity.  Can't blame him if he got exhausted and threw up his hands and said "Aw, f++k it!

It's easy to be cavalier about such situations when they are only hypothetical and involve just plain ordinary people.  Or, women, which it seems, are lesser beings than him, as far as he is concerned.

It would be indeed interesting to see how Mourdach would react if the hard, cold reality struck home in his own household.  I have a feeling His tune might change -- dramatically!

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