Monday, October 29, 2012


I work hard for what little I earn above and beyond that horrible handout we, as members of that slothful 47%, get each month for those terrible "socialist" programs like Social Security and state retirement.  That makes me kind of careful how I spend it.

I made some money last week on carpet work and a wedding ceremony.  So, I got the oil changed in Phyllis' car this morning.  It was somewhat overdo, and we got the customary list of recommended things to do soon.  Gotta wait for some more extra jobs to handle those.  They have a maddening way of always being somewhere in the two hundred dollar range.

A few days ago, I opened the lid on our water softener and discovered we were almost out of the potassium cloride we use.  Time to recharge.

Five years ago, I bought a forty pound bag of that chemical for just over ten dollars.  I know things have had to go up just because of the increase in fuel costs, but gimme a break.  The last time I recharged (partially) the bags were just under $24 at both WalMart and Home Depot.  Both places were selling Morton brand.

This morning, I grumbled my way down to WalMart, and loaded up two bags now priced a few cents under $27.  After I'd bought them, someone told me Home Depot now had another brand at a considerably lower price.  I thanked them and hustled down to customer service for a refund.

At Home Depot, the price was $16.97.  Just one problem.  There wasn't a single bag in that spot.  Seems the word is getting around.

A clerk got someone from the back and I was told a supply would be right out.  It was, and I calculated that I could now buy three bags and did -- for less than the two bags were going to cost me earlier.

The water softener is now plumb full and should not need service until sometime next summer or fall. 

Thank you, kind informant.

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