Wednesday, October 31, 2012


There are ordinary lies and there are "damn lies."  Ordinary lies are told out of weakness and a desire to not hurt other people's feelings or look out for one's personal well-being.  "Damn lies" are deliberately hand crafted to delude and deceive with salacious ulterior motives.

The Romney/Ryan campaign are masters of "damn lies."  They desperately hope enough people will be gullible enough to believe them. 

One of the most blatant of these "damn lies" is the currently playing campaign ads that tell the American public Chrysler is planning to ship auto production for the domestic market to China. 

It's a total "DAMN LIE!"

Go to this article to get the facts about lyin' Ryan and lyin' Romney;

Be sure to check out the litany of other false Romney statements that accompany this article.  I'm of the opinion that he's one of those idividuals who will tell a lie when the truth would serve him better, just to hone his skill.

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