Tuesday, October 30, 2012


On another blog I keep up with and often comment on, someone I've had words with before spewed out some Rethuglican nonsense I just could not resist countering.  He thinks the problems with our nation are all the social programs which he considers that hated "socialism."  He wants the past world of the robber barons back, like many other stupid so-called "conservatives."  Here's my reply to him:

"'Let me hear a "Amen brother'!"

Not from me. Nor from any other true patriot who understands history and what is at stake.

You know where I stand, since we've had our words over it, and it's not with the 1% who are the real bankrupters with their welfare for themselves, poverty, want, national decline and Taliban-like control for everyone else with ill-conceived, unnecessary wars to enrich themselves while the country goes to hell and everything that made us great is destroyed.

Go stand with Romney/Ryan and their tyranical, lying, disgusting ilk and watch everything real patriots built until about thirty years ago with the election of "acting president" Reagan and the long so-called "conservative" plunge into national oblivion and theocratic fascism. (Their fanatical forerunners even succeeded in putting "under God" in the pledge of allegiance! I'm not under any god and my nation was never meant to be either. Those words never exit my mouth when the pledge is repeated. They won't stop until we're cringing under blasphemy laws and every other theist horror they can dream up.)

It's Rome all over again from where I observe and we just might get our Mormon Caesar. I admire Cato like George Washington and the other great founders of our nation did. He cut out his guts rather than live under Caesar's dictatorship with only the form and ceremony of original Rome. The republic was history, and he knew it. Ours will be history to if that evil cabal succeeds!

You might as well start shouting, "Viva Mormonism and Catholicism!" That's what we would have."

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