Thursday, October 4, 2012


I watched the debate last night.  It was a terrible experience.  I don't like debates to begin with.  They're nothing but big arguments that crafty con artists make hay with.

Last night was no exception.  Romney was his usual Mormon, Bain Capital lying chameleon conman self who walked all over "too nice" Jim Lehrer and Obama seemed taken aback and unable to command his masterful speaking skills and knowledge of the facts to his advantage.

I can only hope that future debates will find Barack much more ready to outflank the lies and carefully crafted misinformation and false statistics in a more dynamic fashion.  He has to quit being "Mr. nice guy."  Romney is not "nice."  He's a savage, blood thirsty predator and has to be dealt with accordingly. 

Barack needs to study general Patton who had the instinct to go for the throat and "Let the goddamn enemy worry about his flanks."

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