Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Phyllis just said something which got me thinking.  She said it would soon be a system of the survival of the fittest and the devil take the hindmost if Mitt Romney somehow managed to win this election. 

She was referring to Romney's goal of getting rid of first response organizations like FEMA, and who knows what else.  He wants to unload all federal programs possible onto states, and even onto the private sector so rich people like him can make even more obscene wealth providing inept and inadequate emergency services to suffering, vulnerable humanity.

Mankind rose to the heights it occupies by organizing together to provide for the common interest and good.  Things like natural disasters cry out for national solutions -- not some inept state by state hodge podge of under funded and communication breakdown ridden little local setups, or for-profit schemes handled by corporate lords with their eye on the bottom line and their position in the stock market.

Nature operates on the principle of the survival of the fittest and the evolutionary record shows that a whole bunch of species, numbering in the millions, if not billions, didn't have enough fitness when a crunch came along.  They're long gone. 

Humans have the mental capacity to figure ways around problems and emergencies, so we've survived and now constitute a population of around 7 billion.  That's one great reason why national and international cooperation and programs are so essential.  We have to stick together and work together to make the resources necessary readily available when a crisis comes along.

If we follow Romney's misguided, greedy, self-serving vision, we will devolve down to the point where survival is no longer a matter of who is the fittest, but who happens to be the richest.  Eventually, that won't even work because the basis for being rich will have disappeared.

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