Wednesday, October 17, 2012


If you read the whole account cited in my last blog, you know exactly what I'm referring to.  Theists can wax eloquent about "love" up until the moment someone dares to call into question anything about their "faith."

As soon as that happens, the fangs and claws immediately appear.  All pretense of tolerance or love suddenly disappears in a flurry of denunciation, vitriol and outright hateful violence.  Nothing is deemed off limits to the most extreme of these fascist-minded idealogues.

If one wants to know what the most extreme cases of human-on-human brutality happen to be, all they have to do is check the records of religiously based pogroms and holocausts.  They are myriad and become especially horrific when another ideology -- politics -- enters into the picture.  That's why our national founders were so insistent on separating those two dangerous mindsets.

Modern extremists set on totally controlling their neighbors and the world chafe under that wise separation provision incorporated into our Constitution and seek any and all crafty means of circumventing and nullifying it.  Chief among these efforts is the seeding of the Supreme Court with "conservative" idealogues who will undermine personal liberty with ideological tyranny.

If you don't think you will be hated if you dare to reveal yourself as a non-believer, just go down to Mississippi and Alabama and publicly try to establish a secular or atheist organization.  Just defend the right of a woman to terminate an unwanted pregnancy and see how fast you will be vilified and ostracized, and even murdered if you get too involved in any organization so dedicated.

Humans are good at saying one thing while emotionally practicing another.  Nowhere is this more pronounced than where religious and political ideology becomes involved. 

Ideology turns fanatic humans into murderous monsters!

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