Sunday, October 28, 2012


If you want to know how women's rights would fare under a Romney/Ryan presidency, you need only look to Romney's approach to women as an official in his Mormon Church.  Ryan's approach is abundantly clear from public statements he has made, all harmonious with the dismal history of Catholicism and their oppression of women.  They make a very harmonious team.

A very insightful blog article by Geoffrey Dunn lays out a very disturbing account of what women can expect from a president Romney.  Read about it here:

As I said earlier in another blog, when I see Romney's snake-like smiling face, I see the evil emperor portrayed in Star Wars films.  Barack Obama praised him as a loving family man.  Sorry, Mr. President, you are dead wrong.  He is not loving.  He is not good. 

He is pure evil.

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